Have ideas that you would like feedback from individuals outside of your sphere of influence? Turn to panmaya when you know that your influence over others will affect their opinion of your ongoing or potential projects. Do not allow biased team members or singular counter opinions to derail what could potentially be a world changing idea. Likewise, avoid the pitfall of beneficiaries trumping up the potential for success which can lead to taking the wrong path all together. Our team is here to brainstorm on any subject and provide thoughtful, intelligent discussion or feedback.


When a great design comes along, everything in your life begins to resemble it. Modern architecture, wood paneling.... We have all experienced the "trend". If you are looking for a truly unique design - panmaya can assemble a team to either follow the trend or buck it completely. An application that confounds a user until they turn their phone in the proper y-axis or an interface that requires device to device input. We can help you realize your goals.


Expect poor performance without a solid plan. From start to finish, a plan is the architecture by which all variables in your project obey. Not taking the time to properly build a strong foundation with flexible, but very real policies in place - usually ends in project delays, attrition and budget upsets. Allow us to build a solid framework which the entire project can be built upon.


Get it done. How many projects seem to drag on endlessly? Isn't it time to set realistic goals and actually get the project done? Creation - that is our primary goal. Let's create something together!!


Technology is ever present and all consuming. At times it is a gift and others it is a curse. Seeing the overall picture and utilizing all of the tools we have in place to create an automated workflow is how to best put technology to work.

Automated workflow and Artificial Intelligence are the best ways to use technology in our current age of expansion. Do not get stuck in an endless circle of missed deadlines because technology was not seen for what it is - reducing worker load to increase organizational productivity and profitability.

Coaching your Team for Incredible Results

We all build teams. In the current climate of economic activity, many businesses now employee freelancers as well as off-shore teams. It is important to centralize efforts and motivate remotely.

With over 20 years of remote employee experience, we have the knowledge and ability to motivate this coaching and also create incentive programs that keep the team ready to work but also educated with skills that your organization needs.